30 March 2010

march 30

today i'm thinking about evenings spent outside with lukewarm air. i'm thinking about freedom and hope and what those words mean in my life and why we are brought to remember them yearly, at a passover seder. i'm thinking about memories. of holidays with all my family, of special people, of loved ones.

hope this isn't too sappy for you, it's just what i'm thinking.

seattle friends, some of my photos will be hanging in the fremont place book company for all of april. join me there at the arts walk this friday! (feel free to email me for more details).


  1. Oh I'd love to come see your gallery! That's so exciting : )

  2. i love this shot. wish i were closer to stop in and see your photos, anna. happy passover to you.

  3. I love when the evening air is 'lukewarm' - it's more tangible then. Good for sitting still and thinking beautiful sappy thoughts. :)

  4. I agree - passover tends to remind me of freedom, spring, new ideas, new beginnings. I just came across your blog and I love it! I might just join in with the cafe flickr group, too!


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