08 February 2010

i need some quiet time

these pictures make me feel very calm, and i could use more of that right now. this past week i was working at the northwest flower and garden show, selling books. it got me all fired up on putting in a garden in our new house. i miss our old house for it's almost farm-like plot of land, but i am excited this year by the prospect of edibles in containers!

at the moment, though, all i really want is a good night's sleep, a day off of work, a long slow walk with a few cameras and for this nagging sore throat to go away. maybe some hot tea and a bit of time to read my book, as well.

i'm trying to find a good local printer for my note cards. seattleites, know of any stationary printers?

*oh, and i know i am a bit behind on my cafe series, i hope to have a new cafe post this week.


  1. me too, some quiet time would be nice. love these photos anna!

  2. these are beautiful.
    i hope you will have soon some private quiet time.
    I am longing for this myself too but I know it will not happen before august.

  3. The last photo is the best - such explosions of each frond (pampas grass?) framed by the mist, the background trees and the brilliant green stems!
    I hope your throat recovers soon.

  4. oh yes some quiet time now would be great... I'm in the same case, my head need some rest...
    love these pictures !

  5. How beautiful! Your photographs are stunning!

    I saw that you entered the giveaway on Paper N Stitch! We’re also giving away some prints by Shannon Rankin on the Westervin blog, and I thought you might like to enter! Just leave a comment on this post: http://www.westervin.com/blog/2010/02/08/giveaway-love-heal-seek-see/

    I hope it goes to a good home :)



  6. gorgeous images... we had several of these plants in our backyard growing up. love them.

  7. this series of images is exceptional.
    i love them all.

  8. Very calming. Wish I knew of a good printer. Enjoy. xo

  9. Beautiful photos...I hope you are feeling better these days and were able to have some quiet time.

  10. these photos are beautiful!
    feeling better?


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