10 February 2010


hi there!
i spent part of my sick day yesterday re-organizing this space. i've added new pages at the top, the hardest of which was my about me. but now there is information up that i hope is both helpful and fun.

all information about me, about my cameras, about how to contact me, what is important to me and where else you can find me are in those upper tabs.

i've also added a little "projects" sidecar tab that i hope to expand. i'll add my cafe series once i can successfully call it a project and i hope to have more projects to add as time goes on.

let me know what you think, i will probably keep reworking as it takes awhile for me to be fully satisfied with new things like this.


  1. I think it looks great. That's a productive sick day. Send me some of those industrious vibes. I need them.

  2. way to take advantage of a sick day! love the updates!

  3. I think it looks lovely. I always have trouble writing about me pages too.

    PS. So jealous you work in a book store!

  4. hope you
    feel better.
    looks great...
    your header

  5. I love it!
    Did you add the upper tabs by touching the html code, or is there a special tool here on blogger to do that?

  6. It looks great,Anna! I particularly like your 'about me' section!

  7. wonderful additions.
    and, i think i'll have to start carrying around wildflower seeds once spring arrives.

  8. it's always nice to freshen up a space, whether in real life or online. cheers to that.

  9. I think you have a typo where you say
    i've added new pages at the top, the hardest of which was my about me.

    I have not looked at tabs yet but I love the wheat that comes yet. I love that plant. Our childhood neighbors had one at the corner of their lot near our house. It was just like that and I spent much time looking out my bedroom window or living room window looking at the tall wheat plant.

  10. Looking great Anna! And I love this shot too. Hope you will be feeling better soon!


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