05 February 2010

weekend trip, 3

okay, after this post, i'm going to take a break from my san juan photos. i shot another roll and it is waiting to be processed. i don't quite know how that roll will come out because it was 100 speed! what was i thinking with 100 speed in january? the guy at the camera shop recommended it, saying it was great for landscape photography. did he mean in 6 months? i don't know, but i believed him. we'll see how it goes...

as for the film on these ones so far (alexandria asked what it was), i used both kodak portra 400 iso and kodak gold 400. i've been buying nicer film (the portra, not the gold) and playing around with what i like. so far, i really love fuji film pro 400--especially for my holga shots. but i'm giving this kodak portra thing a try.

one other really special thing about this trip is that i got jon to shoot a roll of film! we were so dorky walking around with old film cameras around our neck--it was the best. 

happy friday!


  1. J'aime toutes les photos de ce voyage!!!

  2. These photos are enormously calm...


  3. I was loading my canon AE1 in seattle recently, and someone said "film! how quaint!"

  4. There is some serious awesomeness to these photos and trip. Thank you for sharing what film you use! I look forward to the reading tomorrow night and seeing you!


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