29 January 2010

january tones

1. Untitled by sandra juto, 2. Untitled by cazhancox, 3. a rolling pin sneak peek. by nikole herriott, 4. * by violet ann, 5. Untitled jess | sweet amadine, 6. a firey sky by bugheart

it's been since fall when i last compiled some of my favorties on flickr. this january i have been craving warmth and coziness. these woodsy tones are exactly what i want to be surrounded by right now.

this weekend i am looking forward to a lot of rest, a birthday party, some walks and a french press full of chai. and i hope to show you photos soon from a little trip i took!


  1. such yummy shots.
    makes january tolerable!

  2. Beautiful little collection. I love the colours too :-)

  3. I am on the hunt for a good chai recipe. I am interested in this.

  4. très belles nuances pour janvier!
    j'espère que le week-end a tenu ses promesses!

  5. that is a nice little surprise, thankyou for featuring my shot! I love the walking sticks photo and am off to see he rest of her collection on flickr now! x


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