31 January 2010

catching up on coorespondences

i have a weakness. it's pretty and small and collectible and very useful. it's stationary.
what is it about a set of cards that makes me swoon?
today, i sat down and wrote a lot of notes. it felt good. i know it won't be instantaneously that my friends receive my note, but when it arrives at their door i hope they'll feel a little rush of surprise and excitement. i also hope that they will smile to themselves when they open the envelope and see the little piece of art i sent to them with my handwriting and special note inside. snail mail, you are worth the wait.

stationary shown above:
photo 1. polaroid notes, by jen altman
photo 2. floral heart card, by rifle paper co.
photo 3. le foret, by lisa congdon

other stationary i love:
1. reprodepot folk and flora notecard book
2. index card postcards by ilfant press
3. flower silhouettes by annacote
4. the card society by mav
5. the ocean set notecards by me


  1. Lately, I am loving postcards.

  2. i love snail mail too and have taken up writing cards and letters to friends last year after a much-too-long break. it's so lovely to receive hand-written notes!

  3. who wouldn't crush on such sweet stationary?!

  4. Snail mail is the best! I am a proud member of The Card Society.

  5. you have excellent taste in stationery. very nice.

  6. me too... sigh. a love for stationary and mail.


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