05 January 2010

2. nicolle null

 (photos courtesy of sacred lotus photography)

i only recently found out about nicolle. she is a very stylish portlander who runs the sacred lotus blog, and has a magical shop called sacred lotus photography. on her blog, nicolle has a knack for finding the coolest images and fun new art. her own photography is great, with so much mood and sometimes a bit of silliness. i'm glad that nicolle's work is now in my daily rotation. thanks for sharing, nicolle!

 what are you looking forward to, both personally and creatively, in the coming year?

"wow, after giving it some thought there are many things i look forward to this year! here are just a few of them. first is giving myself permission to live my life without fear or judgment, something i have been struggling with for some time now. i also look forward to letting stress melt off me like hot butter. stepping outside my comfort zone to meet new inspiring creative people. moving closer to my friends & the city. walking/biking around town. going to farmers markets. camping. my son starting 1st grade. finishing my 365 project. getting my photography business off the ground. taking way more photos then i did in 2009. getting my drivers license. attending pickathon music festival here in oregon. trying new things with my photography. the reinvention of polaroid film by the impossible project. reading & trying "the 100 mile diet". last but not least i look forward to a year full of learning and letting my creativity shine! happy new year everyone!!"


  1. Your blog is so lovely! I hope you have a wonderful New Year :)
    xo Bree

  2. i love that hot butter analogy. nicolle is amazing!


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