05 January 2010

3. lea bolvig

(photos and illustrations courtesy of lea bolvig)

lea bolvig is an illustrator and photographer living in copenhagen, demark. i love lea's sense of style. i love seeing her thrift store finds, i love her eye for color and shape and i love her ability to capture little moments throughout her day to tell a story. thanks lea!

what are you looking forward to, both personally and creatively, in the coming year? 

"a new fresh year lies ahead and i have rather high expectations for 2010, i must admit. i look forward to meeting new people and to spend time with the ones i already know and love. workwise i look forward to getting new colleagues (as i'm starting a new job) and hopefully to acquire new skills and improve my professional qualifications.
creatively i hope to be able to continue the projects i have begun in 2009. over the past year i have been very preoccupied with film photography and the special quality and colors you get in film photos. i haven't actually tried out all the different analogue cameras i have collected over the year so one of my goals for 2010 is to get to know each camera and its individual qualities and quirks.
another creative aim for me in 2010 is to continue a postcard project i initiated in 2009. i decided to do a series of 10 bird postcards in A5 format where so far four different ones have been printed and are ready to be sold in my sister-in-law's shop. (brinja.dk)
i also look forward to another year of inspiring blog reading. it never stops to amaze me how much creativity and craftsmanship i come across reading other people’s blogs. It truly sparks my imagination and urges me to create more myself.
here's to an inspiring and creative 2010!"

more lea: blog, flickr, website


  1. hi sweetheart,
    i was looking through my blog and saw a lovely comment from you.
    how beautiful is it over here. sigh... such beauty.

  2. What an awesome idea!! I love it!
    I will be looking forward to seeing more!
    The birds picture of Lea is amazing.

  3. Anna, I'm REALLY enjoying this series and discovering new artists. Thank you!

  4. Wow, thanks for sharing all these wonderful artists. You're doing all my research for me. :)

  5. agreed. there's a calm to her images isn't there? and great simplicity & style.


  6. i'm a big fan of lea's eye for beauty, her stills and landscape photography. seems our favourites are pretty much the same... ;-)

  7. i like this series. and such nice guests you have :)

    lea's photos are indeed the ordinary made extraordinary. love it.

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  9. Lea has a very lovely sense of art and photographs. I like her idea of getting to know cameras more intimately.


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