21 December 2009

winter solstice

this morning was so dark and at first i was confused. did my three day weekend make me forget what 7:30 looks like? then i realized, yes, it is the longest night of the year today. isn't that sort of a weird thought? i find it odd. so much dark and then slowly days get lighter and lighter. and in the middle of december? it seems like january or february would be the darkest times. they certainly feel dark. (side note: how bout white strings of lights around the city all winter long, wouldn't that be nice?)

anyway, happy winter solstice. whether you hibernate, or light a candle, or celebrate or grumble i hope you have a chance to think about how cool our planet is and it's changing season's. (at least, i think it's cool).

thank you all so much for the birthday wishes. i felt like i could share a bit of my celebration with you through all your notes this weekend. i am now proudly another year older. not telling which year, though :)

take care.


  1. These two pictures are beautiful, Anna!
    And i vote for your suggestion of strings of light all winter long:)

  2. Love that first photo. It's one of may favorites.

  3. yes it´s very cool. and happy belated birthday! hope you get to do everything on your kist:) warm hugs!


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