22 December 2009

papernstitch love

hello there!
as i mentioned last week, i am happy to be featured in the papernstitch exhibit this month. do you know about papernstitch? it is an online exhibit space for handmade artists, curated by portlander brittni wood, who also runs the papernstitch blog.

i thought i would do a little post on some of the shops whose company i share in this month's exhibit. 
a few of the many:

two awesome packaging companies are featured this month: nice package and olive manna. i got a fun little bundle from nice package for some of my holiday wrapping and i have loved every cute little thing in there. i'm excited to search through olive manna's wares and pick out some great packaging materials!

 i love this flying bird wall sticker, by blank cavas designs. i would love that on the wall of my bedroom to stare at and daydream.

embroidery is all around lately and there are some amazing embroidery prints from pink mist industry. i especially love the embroidered scissors.

jet set paper is super cool, selling trendy gocco stationary with a selection of airport codes or area codes. of course, i love the seattle set!

i am also in love with everything that wolfie and the sneak makes.
oh there are lots more great ones, i may have to do another post. for now, go check the papernstitch community out for yourself!

p.s. all the links i used in this post are to the shops' papernstitch showcases. from there, you can visit their actual stores.

p.p.s here's my papernstitch gallery!


  1. Well hello, it's nice to meet you. Thanks so much for the mention, I appreciate the link!

  2. Oh I love that Seattle stationary. My boyfriend is training to become a pilot in Puyallup and he's now getting these for his birthday!

  3. just fabulous. i want some!!

  4. well, now I do... going to go and have a peek.




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