19 December 2009

december 19

today is my birthday! i did some celebrating last night (see: tiara in above photo) and i'm off to do some more celebrating today and tomorrow. it's always good to elongate these types of things.

in this next year i hope to:
grow in my photography
revel in my youth
learn how to use this camera
go on an exciting trip that i couldn't even dream up at the moment
successfully bake and decorate a cake
have a long conversation in french
spend lots of time with my family
take more portraits
watch more movies
read more books
volunteer for something new
laugh a lot
and take long sauntering walks for no reason

i hope it's a great year!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    I hope the next year is fabulous.

  2. happy birthday!
    lovely list too.

  3. happy birthday anna! i like your list - would love to do a lot of the same things.

  4. i think i said so before, but happy birthday!

    have fun doing all the things on your list! (am really intrigued by that large format camera. wow! promise to post your pictures when you start using it...)

  5. Happy Birthday to you. Birthday celebrations should never be limited to one day! Your list is inspiring and have a wonderful year.

  6. Belated wishes, but sincere nonetheless - happy birthday, Anna, and best wishes for the coming year!

  7. HAppy birthday!
    I love very mucho your wish list! I hope they all come true!


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