25 November 2009


thanks for all your apple dessert advice--most of it came from those of you who aren't even in the states. good dessert needs no holiday, right? yesterday i thought i had decided on this smitten kitchen recipe. but this morning i've changed my mind all over again. i just have to wait until tonight when i'm in the kitchen and see what inspired me then. (good thing i'm not making the whole meal with all this indecision).

growing up, we always had thanksgiving at my grandparent's, where i was the one and only child at the table. instead of being relegated to boredom and antsy-ness, i was given two of the most important tasks. one was to make the name cards and decide where each person was to sit. (we still use namecards in my 8 year old handwriting, with some names mis-spelled). the second important task was to run the coloring contest. that's right--a coloring contest! after dinner and before dessert my grandma helped me collect blank paper and crayons. i stood in front of the table every year and announced the year's theme and how many crayons each person was allowed to take. then i started the timer for one minute, collected the drawings and went into the other room to grade them. i presented every person's drawing, with the grand prize last. it was usually a chocolate turkey. my theme was usually something about fall or the holidays. we don't do coloring contests anymore because i am now considered an adult, but i'd still be happy to go in the other room and look at each person's little piece of art all by myself.

for now, i will leave you with a list.

things i've done in the past year for which i am grateful:
-met lots of new people--globally and locally--through this blog.
-visited the farm where i get my produce.
-launched into a new creative endeavor and fallen in love with it: film photography.
-learned the new york subway system and my way around parts of brooklyn.
-visited montreal and practised my french there.
-had my first photo show
-took on more responsibility at work
-tended to a vegetable and flower garden
...oh i know there is so  much more, but that will be it for now.

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  1. your thanksgiving traditions are so fantastic. put a big smile on my face. enjoy the holiday!

  2. oh what a sweet way to celebrate thanksgiving and include you! so sweet and creative.
    happy happy thanksgiving@

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  4. those leaves. they made me smile. i hope your thanksgiving was wonderful! cheers!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Your blog is amazing. It brings a lot of joy to me!



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