27 November 2009

shop responsibly day

i hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving yesterday, or-if you aren't in america-a happy thursday. my family enjoyed each other's company and ate well. it was a very cozy evening.

i am checking in today to share a few thoughts about "black friday"--supposedly the craziest shopping day in the states. to counter the madness, some people call today "buy nothing day," which is a great way to discourage the mass consumerism that this day drums up. i've been thinking about it this year and it seems, especially in these times when we do want to support our economy, that today might best be called "shop responsibly day."  this year my holiday goals are to buy my gifts from only either handmade sources or local businesses.

some links to follow up on these thoughts:
vistoria's heartfelt anti-gift guide at sfgirlbybay.
poppytalk's 101 reasons to buy handmade.
powell's books tweet for today: "If you're brave enough to face the hordes today, don't forget to show indie businesses some love. They'll love you back."

and, finally, i am having a small sale in my shop for this weekend only. from now until monday evening, save 10% on your entire order and enjoy free shipping. just type in "SHOPRESPONSIBLE" in the discount code. and don't forget to sign up for my newsletter, if you are interested :)

have a great weekend...


  1. I couldn't agree more; I 'celebrated' the day by buying yarn from my local yarn store and some soap on etsy!! Felt good ;-)

  2. i completely agree with you. not that we have either black friday or crazy christmas shopping going on here in israel. but it is true all the time and everywhere.


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