30 November 2009

monday, november 30

 i think i need to let go of my 200 speed film for a faster speed...things are dark!

good morning! i had a wonderful long weekend, with thursday and friday off for the holidays. i visited with old friends back in town and i walked a lot and had a lot of family time. the only thing i didn't get around to was clean my room...oh well.

yesterday we spent a lot of time at home, making soup and cookies and drinking tea. this winter hasn't been so bad when it comes to being upset by the cold and dark.

i got some pretty new stamps and papers at the cutest little art shop, called a muse. and i tried out a new photo lab, from which i am excited to see the results.

i'm also ecxited about the opening of the abigail*ryan shop.
and i'm excited for this week of design*sponge gift guides.

hope you have a good monday...


  1. These pictures might be darker than what you were expecting but I love them anyway!
    It looks like you had a quiet and cozy weekend too:)

  2. lovely shots! where did you get those cookie cutters? they are so beautiful.

  3. You are so on top of things to already be making cookies...weeee! I really like the darker tones in your images a lot.

  4. yes, these biscuits cutters are beautiful.
    really lovely images!

  5. really like these baking photos! full of wintery and analogue feel : )


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