23 November 2009

a few notes

good morning. i had a very relaxing weekend and finally got my desk area/office space set up. i have all my film organized and labeled and i have a little area for pretty stationary and packaging materials for orders. i also have a hand-me-down scanner which i can't wait to break out soon. i'll be working on a little inspiration wall this week--the finishing touch.

a few notes--
i am compiling a newsletter and would love for you to join! it won't go out too often (once a month or once a quarter) and it will include exclusive promotions and early updates on new products from my shop. you can find the quick sign-up form on the upper right hand side, so click through if you are in a reader!

have you seen this video? it's called the complex of all these and it's the raddest depiction of a letterpress studio and the making of a book. spend a few minutes with it.

this year, i get to make the dessert for my family's thanksgiving. it has to be apple involved--any ideas? what's your favorite thanksgiving dessert?

that's all for now--have a great monday!


  1. No Thanksgiving in France...
    But always an opinion on food ;)
    A simple apple pie with home made pastry caramelized is always my favorite!

  2. wow! thanks for the video link. the needle & thread, the paper-making, the numbering at the end ... it's fantastic.

  3. Oh how I wish I had my photographs labelled and organized!!

  4. My favourite is pumpkin cheesecake with a walnut topping. As for an apple treat, I like something simple like an apple cranberry crisp. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Anna! Busy and hectic here, with a house full of relatives.

  6. We also don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in South Africa, but Nigel Slater has a delicious-sounding strudel recipe: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2009/nov/22/nigel-slater-apfelstrudel-recipe

    Thanks for the amazing video link.

    Have a lovely Thanksgiving!


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