01 October 2009

happy october

this october i am looking forward to:
leaves crunching under my feet
red, orange, brown and yellow
baking pie
cooking soups
crisp air, woodsy smell
the excited anticipation of a night out for halloween (i don't go out for halloween anymore, but the feeling wont die)
drizzle, cool and dark
a new house...i'm moving. yikes.
wearing more scarfs and shopping for a new sweater
curling up with a book and tea and calling it a weekend
planting bulb flowers

happy october to you


  1. Sounds like a really Happy October indeed! Good luck on your move ;-)

  2. I love your October list. And your sunflowers are spectacular.

    Moving - where? Exciting!

    You can trick-or-treat at my house anytime.

  3. beautiful sunflowers.... happy october- i like your list as well- only we are going in summer, it's been very hot already, just went for a swim... miss the lovely autumn days (lovely time of the year)

  4. sounds just like the october i am dreaming about :)

  5. So different from my spring october, with nature exploding in green and flowers and seeds growing everywhere, in this side of the world.
    you inspire me with your sunflowers, i've got some sunflower seeds to plant!!
    Have a happy automm!!

  6. me too! It's been a most beautiful hot sunny September here, but I really want it to get a bit cold and damp now! Hope your move goes well.

  7. Nice things ahead!
    (Where are you moving to? How exciting!)

  8. ahhh yes, curling up with a book and calling it a weekend. that sounds like a DREAM!

  9. So many lovely things about October! Great list.


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