29 September 2009

green night

hello there.
these are some farm shots from back in august, when it was bright sun and heat. these bright photos are quite a juxtoposition from today's weather. today was really one of the first grey, fall days we've had and it poured! the rain is very nostalgic.

but these photos work very well with autumn color week, since today (tuesday) is green day.
and they also work very well with my dinner tonight! i know i showed you photos from the boistfort valley farm's barn stomp last week. the above photos are also from boistfort, a month earlier. we have been dutifully getting their csa every week and every week we are overwhelmed with fresh produce; greens, cucumbers, tomatos, flowers, carrots, beets, radishes, green beans, squash, zuchini. and today we received our first fall vegetables--rutabega and parsnips! i made a primavera, ravioli tossed with every green vegetable i could throw in. i will save the rutabegas for a another night. it's so magical to see where my food comes from!


  1. wow! such a huge farm!!!
    hmmmm i want to eat reallly fresh vegetables right now!

  2. wow! those salads look so good! but i cannot tell what's in that last photo.. it looks like a flower...is it?

  3. oh how awesome is that! sounds like a wonderful feast. i enjoy getting all the fresh veggies as well and find the challenge of eating all of them invigorating. our csa box has actually forced us to cook/eat differently. in a good way. xo

  4. Yum, this post makes me want to make Greek Inspired Pasta for dinner!!!

  5. Inspiring post and photos Anna. Parsnips! Maybe tomorrow...

    I kind of liked the rain yesterday - I can't remember the last time we had rain...


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