21 September 2009

i'm so lucky


this weekend i had a chance to visit the boistfort valley farm, the farm we get our csa from, for their 2nd annual barn stomp! the party featured a bountiful meal made by seattle chef, dennis ronspies of art of the table and three wonderful bluegrass/country bands: pickled okra, the blackberry bushes and tilted stilts.
we ate all sorts of salads made with the farm's own produce plus two grilled freshly caught salmons,  and a whole spit fire roasted pig, slaughtered by the chef himself. and for dessert, a carrot cake with a goat cheese frosting, made from a local creameries' goat! delicious.

before dinner, we wandered around the farm and saw it's end of summer transition. there were a few cover crops where veggies had been before and the raspberry bushes were all dried out. but the sunflowers? oh the sunflowers were in full bloom! and gorgeous!

did you notice the picture of our plate of food? i'm proud of those. those are the best close up/food pictures i've been able to take with my yashica electro. i'm also proud that i got my film developed so quickly, it's really exciting to be sharing with you pictures of something i actually did quite recently!

i hope you had a wonderful weekend, too.
thank you for all your wonderful musings about fall. i may have to take up some of your traditions as my own.


  1. photos 5+6 should be subtitled: "hungry graham"

  2. I want to jump inside these photographs. Beautiful!

  3. oh the field of sunflowers, how wonderful, how i would love to dance in them. my favourite flower!

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  5. I love the title for this post...instant happines ;-) I've always wanted to wander around a sunflower field - you are very lucky indeed!! Lovely lovely photos.

  6. this looks like such an amazing place. and like a wonderful day spent there. i really miss fall when i see photos like these. the light is stunning!

    happy week to you!

  7. looks like a fantastic day. I love sunflowers!

  8. you ARE so lucky! gorgeous photos, the sunflowers are a dream and can you have a more perfect way to spend the day???


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