18 September 2009

september 17

the fog has finally started to roll in here in seattle. days are still record-breakingly hot for mid-september, but when i step out of my house in the morning there is a soft mist and dew over my yard that unmistakeably reminds me of fall. tomorow is the new year for me and my family. we'll be eating apples and honey all weekend. i really think there is something to be said about celebrating a new year each fall. i mean we did it every year when we went back to school, right? we've all had those nervous, excited anticipation feelings of something new, a fresh start. that's fall, isn't it? i'm excited and humbled to get to celebrate the coming of another new year.

and i'm curious, in what ways do you celebrate fall?


  1. Oh this picture is lovely.
    I'm used to celebrate fall with hot chocolate, some hot tea in the afternoon, reading books again under a blanket... And some promenades under the rain with my rain boots and my trench...
    cliché but lovely.
    great week end to you !

  2. I roast veggies. I walk at dusk. I light candles. I drink red wine. I watch spiders.

    I think your photos inherently involve the feeling of autumn. It might be because you are taking and you are inherently "autumn".

    See you soon.

  3. Having a walk in the woods with family and the dog, and looking for fungi, and than coming home and dry them on the stove. hmmm nice!

  4. fall is definitely about new beginnings for me too. I don't celebrate the new year in the fall, but I love the sensation of returning once that autumnal mist starts appearing

  5. What a sweet tradition... I don't really do anything to celebrate fall...maybe I should do something about that ;-)

  6. incredible photo!

    fall to me is the feel in the air, the green turning to colors in the orange spectrum, back to school


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