03 October 2009

me time

a seattle night on film.
taken last weekend with a special visitor in town. 
more photos from that day to come.

i loved your comments on the last post! i'm sorry to all of you southern hemisphere readers, i didn't even think that not everyone is celebrating fall. it's so easy to only write about what you know. i hope you have a beautiful spring. and, for everyone who asked: i'm moving to a new neighborhood in seattle. not too far, but a big change. i took some film shots of the light coming into my new empty house and i hope they turn out well for me to share with you.

today has been full of packing and cleaning and hauling and moving. and now i am sitting down to take some much needed (and usually neglected) me time. for the next hour or so i get to relax, explore the internet, journal and finish my book. and i will do it all sitting by a window, because i can't get over the beautiful light today.

hope you are well!


  1. Me time is always needed. Sometimes I am grumpy and wonder why, and suddenly remember that I haven't even been alone in two days! I need my me-alone time EVERY day.
    I didn't know that you know Brian! I love his photo and recipes...
    Anyway, I can't wait to see the photos of your new house. Congratulations.

  2. What a picture!! i think it's incredible! don't know what to say!
    and dont feel sorry about spring/automm, they're both enjoyable and nature gifts!
    saludos, Lucia

  3. Those pictures are heavenly!!! *squeal* LOVE how the whole city seems like it's moving in the last one!
    Enjoy your 'me' time!!

  4. those photos are magic!

    and so is me time. i have been behind on that since i had my twins 4 years ago ;) but, i must admit, this last month, with me in between jobs, and the kids in kindergarten, i actually caught up quite a bit. and it's good! enjoy your time!

  5. Hi Anna! Thanks for your comment! ialways like new friends too!
    Sunday eight o'clock in the morning, everybody's sleeping,and this is my me time now with my cup of tea! Thanks!

  6. These turned out wonderfully! I love light on water.

  7. Really nice images - reflections on water.

  8. Yes, I'm having some me time, but it's sick time. I am sick and the light is just so drab today...sigh. I'm here wishing I was sitting by a window and feeling the beautiful light. Okay, enough about me. These photographs are beautiful. Let's focus on that.


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