09 June 2009

amidst all the new

guess what i just realized?
the color in my 35mm film shots are so cool not because of my funky vintage camera, but because i'm using expired film. i don't know why i didn't even think that the film i've had for over 3 years might somehow make my images look different? but, i love it and i am suddenly very sad that there is only two rolls left. to celebrate my new discovery and to enjoy my last rolls, i joined the expired film flickr group!

above are two really neat theaters in seattle and the bottom photo is behind my work. i like being reminded that seattle has age and character, amidst all the new modern looking condos and shopping complexes. sometimes i like to imagine that i am my grandma when she was young, going downtown and seeing the big city. or that i see what my great-grandpa saw every day when he went to work. the old, the brick, the rust, the class--they're important. i'm glad my film can retell that antiquity.

have you seen adie loves polly yet? do.


  1. hi anna! thanks for visiting. i´m glad you did because now i´ve found yours. it´s love at first sight. i´m off to read more. besos-jane

  2. wow. those came out so lovely! i love expired film. do you have a lomo by chance? i was looking over my list of things to do before i turn 38 and one of them is to shoot a roll with the lomo, rewind and then hand it off to someone else to shoot over it. wanna play? ***

  3. How interesting! I had never really thought about how expired film might make a difference. Your pictures are wonderful btw :)

  4. strange, i thought i had already commented on this post...maybe i just formulated it in my head : ) anyways - these photos look great! i have been wanting to try expired film, but don't know how to get my hands on some...guess i could just wait for the ones i have to expire : )

  5. really great shots!


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