08 June 2009

the summer night's air

it's official. summer is here.
well, maybe not official official, because the summer solstice is two weeks off. but, it's official in the hot nights, full bloom and barbecues sense of official. the top shot is from my holga. and the bottom two are digital, on capitol hill. from yet another hot night of walking around.

i'm not very motivated this monday morning. i hope i can get back into the swing of work days. but, just to hang onto the weekend a little longer, i'll share some highlights.

-jon and i made salted caramel popsicles in our ice tray! yum.
-i got (two years later) david lebovitz' ice cream book the perfect scoop. dreaming of vietnamese espresso and pear pecorino ice cream...
-heard neko case's smashing voice at her seattle concert! (by the way, i love how her site says "available everywhere, especially at your local record store").
-harvested the rest of my arugula and made a salad with pickings from the garden: chives and chive blossoms, basil, arugula, sweet pea leaves, violas and oregano.
-flowers from the fremont market
-had a picnic in the park
-saw friends from out of town

...oh there was much more! but i'll stop there...

have a great monday!


  1. Lucky you - Neko Case!

    David Lebovitz is my favorite person on twitter...he is so funny!

    Our greens got eaten almost completely by something over the weekend :(

  2. oh sad!! i've been lucky so far with little critters. i'll have to look david up on twitter, sounds fun!


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