11 June 2009

summer dessert

a tasty recipe...

for a delicious summer dessert i mixed berries, cut up nectarine, juice of half a lemon, 1 tsp lemon zest, crystallized ginger, raw sugar and fresh mint. i let them sit together in the fridge for a few hours to mascerate and to get to know each other. the flavors really brightened and made the whole mixture very complex.

then, i spooned this onto cream scones. now i had dreamed of making my own lemon-ginger scones that would highlight the flavors in the fruit mixture, but for lack of time i bought cream scones at our food co-op. i cut them in half, too.

here is the best part: on top of the scones and fruit i scooped plain yogurt and drizzled honey. the whole thing was sour, sweet, fresh, bright, subtle and complex.

...and very, very summery.

do you have a favorite summer dessert??


  1. I can vouch for this recipe. It's awesome.

  2. yum! i thank you... and my hips thank you...:)

  3. Oh wow, it looks so delicious. Mmmh, lecker :)

  4. this sounds so summery and good! my boys love ice cream cones and popsicles the most in summer..I love and usually have gelato with blueberries or whatever other fruit is most in season.

  5. This looks soooo good!

    Have you seen Simply Scones: http://www.amazon.com/Simply-Scones-Recipes-Delicious-Spreads/dp/0312015119 ? Really great, easy recipes. I'm pretty sure we bought it at u-book about 15 years ago and have been making the same recipe over and over with only occasional forays into the rest of the book. The carrot nut scones are AMAZING. The buttermilk ones are good too and offer a nice vehicle for whatever is necessary-like ginger and lemon:)


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