09 May 2009

walking slowly

a walk through the neighborhood...
sometimes when i don't work until noon i take advantage of my morning. getting things done, taking walks, taking pictures. other times, i sleep and explore the internet. these pictures are from a particularly productive morning. i find that walking slowly and taking pictures really relaxes me and let's me concentrate more on seeing and less on thinking. it helps when the sun is out and the lilacs smell sweet and pungent.

tomorrow i'm going to take a nice mother's day walk and can't wait! and then on monday i have the day off so i hope to get some photos in order and give a little more love to my blog.

hope to see you soon.


  1. This is the last weekend for Lilacs in 09, but it's an exceptionally beautiful one ....

  2. I hope you are having a long weekend full of May beauty!!

  3. these are really lovely Anna; almost dreamlike.

  4. these are so pretty, especially the ivy. oh, i do love climbing plants!


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