03 May 2009

found art

since the weather has been nice, i've been doing a lot of walking around. it's amazing what you can find. x-rays of someone's foot, ivy consuming an apartment building in a beautiful, sprawling pattern and, sometimes, hopeful stencils.

i hope you've had a great weekend full of fresh air and surprising beauty.


  1. interesting finds! My weekend was indeed full of fresh air and surprising beauty...hope your week's off to a great start!

  2. what a great find! that x-ray, you can really find the weirdest things lying on the street. we have several pictures of unknown people at home that NE has found in the street. there's always something mystical about such finds as you begin to wonder who dropped it and what their lives are like...

  3. what wonder filled images on your walk~happy to visit here!

  4. i'm pretty sure that last bird/man creation is a brendan mcgarry stencil/wheatpaste.

    also hi anna, i found your blog.

    also eduardo galeano rules.


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