30 April 2009

may day!


a may day surprise for you!

i thought instead of flowers that you would love these beautiful succulents left at your doorstep! i took these pictures not looking because my succulents are on a ledge of our fence above my head. i rose my arm up high and let the camera and sun do there thing. i love the patterns in these plants and i love that the sun was so bright on the fence, but it only makes them more vibrant. i also love the shadows...did i just say everything about these photos and now you have nothing to say? oops. well, anyway, they are for you to celebrate spring!

a question for those of you outside the U.S.: do you have the may day tradition of leaving flowers on people's doorsteps? is there anything special about may 1st for you?

today i am listening to (more) leonard cohen. this song was sung by the webb sisters at his concert, and i have the leonard cohen i'm your man soundtrack where antony sings it. you know how i like antony, right? here's some lines from if it be your will:

if it be your will that i speak no more
and my voice be still as it was before.
i wont speak no more
i shall abide until i am spoken for,
if it be your will.

if it be your will, that there is a voice
from the broken hill
i will sing to you from this broken hill
your praises they shall ring
if it be your will to let me sing.

i think it's beautiful.
check to see if your favorite local record store carries the soundtrack, it's great.

happy may day!!


  1. Happy May Day! I've never done anything special for May Day, but I love the idea of leaving flowers at a neighbor's - maybe I'll pick some up today for the boys to distribute after school.

    I agree about the song - beautiful.

  2. Just discovered your blog - love the photos, the Leonard Cohen and the previous post with the scones!

  3. happy may day to you too!!
    and those succulents are so pretty.

  4. Hi!
    I am from Argentina, and we just celebrate worker's day on may 1st. here. So... we don't have this tradition with the flowers. But it sounds lovely!

  5. hi toni! thank you for stopping by my blog. i'd like to visit your blog or flickr if you have one. please leave your url!

  6. In Russia, May 1st is known as Labour Day, so people do not work. :) As to Holland, after Queen's Day, that is on April 30st, everybody is exhausted for further celebrations. :)

    This flower tradition sounds so charming. Pity though, it's unknown over here.


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