10 May 2009

the city and the farm

i hope you notice my 'inspired photo' over on the right there. it is by a talented lady named allison and it is a photo of her homemade fresh chevre with beautiful, amazing edible flowers on top. i really just haven't been able to get over what this picture means. look at all those pure white rounds of creamy and fresh goat cheese! and the flowers: the pinks, the purples, the blues! on top of that pure white...and all of it homegrown and edible! it is gorgeous!

okay, i will try to stop raving, but i might refer back to it...
go check out allison's whole photostream. she has lots of amazing photos from the farm she works on. i think it is salt springs in canada.

i am naturally drawn to farm scenes, homegrown food and edible bounty, but to tell you the truth, i'm a city girl through and through. it's true that i was born in the country, out on the rustic and majestic olympic peninsula of washington state. i've also tried living in a small(ish) town, surrounded by the forest and sea. but i tell you, i just can't be away from people. one of my favorite things to do on a friday night is to go to a popular restaurant just me and jon. it's like a small private date but we're surrounded by crowds. i love people watching and, even more, people listening. i also love the arts. (theaters are another reason why i can't leave the city).

i don't think my affinity for nature and produce photos are out of place. i think it's healthy to bring that reverence into the city. i mean, sure, i will never be an organic farmer. but i also have a little edible garden in my yard. and there i can pick my own lettuce instead of driving to the store to buy lettuce that has already driven miles to get to me. and if one day i live in a home with less yard space, i will invest in containers. i also participate in a CSA with boistfort valley farm, where once a week from june to december jon picks up a huge box of produce on his bicycle. so, even though i do live in a city where farmland does not abound, i like to think that i can still support organic and local farms. i also like to think that one day city folks (those who like to support restaurants, the arts, and pall that city stuff) can rely more and more on organic farms in closer vicinities and that hopefully we can also rely on our own skills in growing and preserving. anyway, this is supposed to be an explanation of why, even though i'm a city girl, i love allison's picture! now go check out her photostream...

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  1. I'm the same way: can't imagine living anywhere but right here, but appreciate so many things about farming. My grandparents were all farmers and my parents are now - so how could I not?


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