12 May 2009

tulip fields

pictures from my tulip trip a while back.
these red and orange variety were my favorite because they look so unique.
they are called miranda tulips.
down below is my favorite photo. it was on a wall of wood seperating the port-a-potties
from the tulip display.

now, most of the tulips in my 'hood have lost their petals to the turning season. ours are in their peak because they live in mostly shade. we have red ones that bloomed and then, a week later, deep deep purple bloomed. i love those colors.


  1. I've never seen tulips with such head shapes here in Holland, and in this country one sees many, many tulips. :) Or maybe I didn't look closely...

  2. Very pretty tulips!! They almost look like ranunculus. I'd love to go to a trip field :)

  3. I love your tulip photos, and the perspective of the first two - I've never thought of getting a view of them from above.


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