15 May 2009


night time at my house has been really beautiful. i thought you'd like to see it.
it seems that the craziness in my life and job have been really up and down. it will be relaxed and slow for a bit, then really hectic and crazy for a bit. right now i'm in the hectic and crazy extreme. it's funny, though, because those crazy times is also when a lot of my creative ideas and energy comes out. maybe i can learn to hold onto those ideas until it is slow and then i can put them into action. hopefully.
it helps when i com home and the sky looks like it does in the shots above. that helps a lot.


  1. Those beautiful skies help me too! It's nice to hear that craziness inspires creativity for you...it often taps it out of me. Happy Saturday!

  2. A sky like that is a wonderful thing...hope the craziness calms down soon and you can pursue those ideas!

  3. It was really great hearing from you this afternoon. I love those pictures. Here's my new blog address. I don't know how to work it very well. So you'll have to help me.

    love you tons,


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