18 May 2009

holga time

hi! i just got back my first roll of 120 film from my new holga and to celebrate, i've decided this week to feature tifanie's beautiful holga work in my inspired photo section. tifanie has so many beautiful holga shots and many more beautiful lomo shots, that i had a hard time choosing which to feature. ultimately, i chose the photo on the right there because of her technique.

if you click her link it will take you to her fabulous and inspiring blog, noddyboom. from the link you can read about when she took this photo. you can also be inspired by her other posts. but if you go to the photo on her flickr she tells you how she took this photo. that's what really grabbed me. here's what she said "shot with a holga. twice. once right side up, once upside down. love that."

i love that, too. i am a beginner at these funky, plastic cameras and tifanie's relaxed and experimental approach is really motivating. i've already shot two images twice on the same piece of film! thanks for the inspiration, tifanie.

soon, i will show you the photos i took and talk a bit more about what holga is. to hold you over, though, this site gives you all the info you'd want to know.

i hope you go visit tifanie's blog or flickr and check out all of her gorgeous photos.

see you soon!!

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  1. how exiting with a holga! i don't know much about this camera - but it seems to be a camera that a lot of people appriciate. i look forward to see your photos and to hear more about this model.


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