19 May 2009

how it sees the world

i'm showing you the best first. this is my favorite of my first 12 holga shots. the vignetting came out perfectly and i'm really happy with the composition. i am especially happy with the content because now this same iris has matured much, having bloomed into a beautiful yellow, papery flower sunday morning.

if you didn't have time to visit the lomography site on holgas, i will give you a little more information on these cool plastic cameras. holgas came about in the 1980s in Hong Kong. they were intended to be a toy camera, with its plastic lens and plastic, lightweight body. there are about 6 options on the entire camera. you can choose cloudy or sunny; you can choose your focus distance, symbolized by flower, three people, many people and mountain; and you can choose to hold down the shutter as long as you want. holga's take 120 film, but if you want to use 35mm, you can add sponges to hold the film in place. i haven't yet gotten that far. with the 120 film you get a beautiful square shaped image that i'm really enjoying working with.

saturated colors, vignetting, easy double exposure (as done so well by tifanie), and the square image are token holga features. i love the way this thing sees the world! it is not the camera i would use for every setting, but when it is appropriate (so far, i have found it is appropriate with simple subjects), it really gives a different perspective on the world and on photography!

i have a few more shots to share with you throughout the week, but i'd like to hear what you have to say about plastic cameras. any users? any lovers? anyone not into them? why?


  1. Thank you for the tutorial/history about Holgas! I've wondered, when I've seen the term on Flickr and elsewhere... I like your photo!

  2. you're welcome, lecia! i'm glad you like the photo.

  3. The photo is very dynamic -- I like it!! As to the Holga camera, have never owned it yet. Another thing to wish for! :)

  4. wow, these came out great! i love the vignette on the sides and the saturation of the colors. really nice. i'm newly inspired.


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