21 May 2009

more holga-time.
i'm reading plastic cameras, by michelle bates. michelle is local to seattle! yay! (which means, maybe the book should come from here, to keep it all in one city.) but anyway, i like the book a lot! and you can visit michelle's site here.

my dad also gave me a bunch of his past issues of light leaks, a magazine about plastic cameras. very cool.

and, lastly, i got my holga from holga mods. it's a one man show with a funky website, but he does an amazing job fixing up holgas to make them a little more reliable (i.e. so the back doesn't fly open while your shooting). and apparently he is super respected in the professional world. also, my order came in about two days! now that's service! (for an online ordering system where i do't actually get to talk to a realy person, that is.)

just turned in roll numero deux and can't wait to get those back!
hope you enjoy...


  1. I do like these! Where did you get yours? - makes me want to experiment. Though I'll probably get a polaroid camera first. Molly told me Brandon found hers at a thrift shop for $5; I'm keeping my eyes open!

  2. i particularly love the bicycle shot. i don't know why. it stirs something within me and leads my mind on a creative adventure. i really need to get out shooting again!! thank you for sharing.

  3. lovely holga shots! sounds like very good service you got there


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