22 May 2009

second roll

second roll, lilac shots. this time i found that the focus on the holga's plastic lens does funny things. most of my pictures were really sharp on the outside and blurry in the middle. but check out that second lilac picture, the focus is on some random leaf. i wish i remembered what i had it set to. these are what my options look like. more to come and more on flickr.

i just remembered! a year ago today: i drove home in a new car and got offered a new job (the job i have now)! that day was a big day and really catapulted me into this new 'grown up' life i have. i was a few weeks away from college graduation and had been months into worrying about my next steps. the car signified growing up and moving on and the job secured what i would be doing for the next few years. i can't believe i've come a year from that exciting day. i feel so settled and comfortable in my job and my big girl life and i've also learned so much from it. i can't wait for the next steps.


  1. Anna, I´m so happy about the replys from you all! It´s such a good feeling to know, that people like my work! <3

    The first picture is beautiful! I don't know anything about holga's. But I want to try it.

  2. Thank you! I will need the luck.
    These photos are lovely!

  3. cheers for the holga!


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