04 November 2010

rustic soap

growing things farm makes some of my favorite soap. it's handmade and coarsely cut into colorful squares with bright, beautiful scents. i've actually had to take a little break from buying it after a spurt of excitement sent me home with a bagful of handmade soap that we went through all too quickly.
for awhile i only bought their peppermint scent, for the love of feeling my pores open up and refreshed with fresh minty smells. but now i've tried so many other scents, all made with essential oils and the raw ingredient itself. cinnamon, lemongrass, anise, clove, eucalyptus--they're all nice.

if you are in seattle, you can find growing things farm at the ballard sunday market and the u. district farmer's market.


  1. beautiful! i think next year will be the year i attempt making soap myself. we'll see how it goes!

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  3. They look so delicious that I almost want to eat them! :-)

  4. I love handmade soaps! I have one from a vendor at the fremont market that just SMELLS like holidays : ) I'll definitely check out growing things next time I go to either of those markets!

  5. i totally have a weakness for handmade soaps. love the colors in this photo

  6. Oh my, these soaps are so nice.

    I just stumbled across your blog and figured I would leave a little greeting. Your blog is fabulous!


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