01 November 2010

these shots are from my dad's mamiya that i've been playing with off and on. it's a beautiful medium format slr and in many ways functions similar to my 35mm pentax, but the shots have so much more information on them. it's very heavy to carry around and it makes me sad to take 16 shots and be done with a roll. i've been spoiled off of 36 shots. at any rate, i am lucky to have a completely different camera to play with when i want to.

tomorrow is election day here in the states and it's a big race for washington state. our successful and wonderful u.s. senator of long tenure is opposed by someone with a lot of money backing them. the race is close and i'm hoping that washington state knows the importance of health care, schools, women's rights, veterans rights, small businesses and protected land for wildlife. it's scary out there. vote vote vote!

take a look at this beautiful video: i remember, so i'm voting


  1. i love that second shot.
    i love that you are shooting with your dad's camera.
    and best of luck tomorrow. for you all in washington state, and for all of us. i hope good things happen.

  2. i love these. I'm shooting with my dad camera too. it's better, no ?


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