25 June 2010



 hello there. it is already friday and i have hardly been here all week! i've sadly been out of the habit of snapping pics and taking my camera with me everywhere. but i'm itching to get back behind the camera and click the shutter. soon, i hope, i will have a new wave of things to show you. do you go through ups and downs of interest in your hobbys? i'm afraid i do that with a lot of things. for example, i spent the past three weeks devouring a string of books. my energy and interest level in reading was very very high and now i can't get sucked into anything but bon appetit. so it goes...

so, the boarded up houses in these photos are evidence of big changes in seattle. these houses have been on a main corner for as long as i remember and now they are vacated and will soon be demolished. what will go in their place is a light rail station, making a larger part of the city accessible and convenient by public transportation. it will be interesting to see the changes in the neighborhood as this happens. for now, though, these vacated houses have a slight beauty to them.

and, since i promised to follow up on my event with anthony bourdain--i am here to say it was amazing. he rocks.


  1. DANG! I should have gone to see him!!!

  2. nice series. i can totally relate to ebbs and flows in hobbies. i go up and down with my excitement about my own camera. right now i can't seem to get interested in it, even tho i still love looking at everyone else's pictures. isn't that funny? for me it's all sci fi books at the moment. glad you are finding interest in your camera again. happy summer! :::

  3. I really like the feeling and story in these pictures. Lovely captured!


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