22 June 2010

a sweet lunch

a couple weeks back i had a sweet lunch with tara at the place i seem to always be talking about--volunteer park cafe. it was a beautiful day and we had delicious blueberry mint lemonades. tara is such a sweetie!

today i am meeting anthony bourdain! i can hardly believe it. i've met a lot of high profile people over the past two years, but for some reason he seems a little out of my reality. i also get to spend the whole day with him as opposed to just a few hours in the evening. i'll let you know how it goes.

also today is the first day of our summer csa. i am contemplating snapping pics of my csa goods every week to see the change as the summer progresses. that might be fun. all i know is today we are getting two pints of strawberries!!

now i have to go before i add any more exclamation marks. i can get carried away.


  1. how exciting! i just heard him interviewed on the radio here in toronto. can't wait to hear about your meeting:)

  2. can't wait to hear about mr bourdain! once went to a book launch in bris, aust and found him hilarious.....i got as far as a book signing but not a whole day with him!!!


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