19 April 2010

spring gardening

the garden is in! we dug up three beds in our grassy front yard, tilled in some good soil and compost and, finally, this past week we put in our seeds and starts.

what we are planting this spring, and how

~one of our housemates put russet potatoes that sat too long in our pantry right into the ground. i have never planted a sprouting crop, so we'll see how that goes...
~green and red lettuce from starts (we are getting our fill of tending to lettuce now because in the summer our csa gives us so much, that it is not worth planting it)
~chives from starts (my favorite!)
~beets from starts
~sweet peas from seed
~arugula from seed

*we went with more starts this year because the weather has been so finicky, it was hard to know when to start.
*i missed the boat on planting my favorite flowers, which i was able to do at our other house last year. if i had planned ahead, i would have put in: dahlia bulbs for late summer, a peony plant, poppy seeds, and cosmos.

what i am looking forward to planting come hot weather

~heirloom varieties of peppers, hot and sweet
~heirloom varieties of tomatoes
~italian basil, thai basil
~mint galore! (that can probably start now)

*all of these, except for the mint, will have to be starts and i am going to experiment with working with a cloche until high summer heats.

what are you planting this year?


  1. awesome! i spent six hours yesterday digging up my garden beds and transplanting some lavender and raspberries from my old apartment to my new house. i have such a long list for gardening this year (i might have bought more seeds than i have room for!) but a few new things i'm excited to try: dry beans, potatoes, garlic, kale. can't wait to see how your garden grows.

  2. this weekend we planted lettuce and put in our lavender border.

  3. looks like a great spread so far. i agree, the mint could go in any time, it is very hearty. i too am eagerly waiting to plant my heirloom tomatoes!

  4. LOVE this post! got my garden beds ready this weekend as well. planted potatoes, lettuce, peas, kale, leeks, asparagus...

    can't wait for the harvest :) thanks for sharing!


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