15 April 2010

some of my favs

 1. Untitled, 2. {film.651}, 3. Untitled, 4. Untitled

i love these shots for their bright light and minimal color. 
two articles were passed my way this week and they happened to be about two photographers whose work i really admire:
a closer reading of roman vishniac brings up questions of truth and myth in photography. fascinating.
a photographer whose beat was the world is a great review of the cartier-bresson exhibit now at the moma in nyc. makes me wish i was in new york real real bad.



  1. i have a documentary on cartier-bresson from netflix right now. i just need to find the time to watch it!
    and i love these photos you've chosen.
    best wishes!

  2. thanks, anna. i have to head to the moma soon!

  3. Wasn't that Vishniac piece something? Still chewing it over, myself. Love the way all the bright white works, here.


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