16 March 2010


good morning! today is not a rainy day (phew), even though i'm showing a photo of very rainy day a few weeks back. i had intended to take a picture of the bright orange dress in the window, but i realized that i was more clear than the dress was. i think i even said right after i snapped this photo "that photo was definitely more me than the dress." but i like it. i'm always happy to have some photos of myself, even if you can't see anythng but my raincoat and pentax.

caroline hancox tagged me with a fun blogging award and a challenge to share 7 things about myself. have you seen caroline's photography? she's good.

seven things about me:
1. i live a few blocks away from a man-made lake (oops! i guess greenlake is not a man made lake. who knew?) with a path circling it. i just got back from a nice walk around it.
2. i have a weakness for toasted bagels and cream cheese. i have always loved that combination and always will.
3. i once lived in paris, on a street called mouffetard.
4. my paternal grandfather immigrated to america from belarus (ussr) when he was 6. i wish i knew more about his experience.
5. there was a period of time in my life where my best friend and i would watch austin powers the movie over and over. we would pause the vcr when dr. evil said "liquid hot magma" to watch him say it in slow motion.
6. i really love having friends over for dinner.
7. on sunday i got a new lens!


  1. that picture is so cute! i loved reading the 7 things about you too!

  2. My sister lives super close to rue Mouffetard. That's a really nice area. How long did you live there?

  3. what kind of lens did you get?

  4. Hot liquid magma. Awesome. :)

  5. i'm so with you on the toasted bagel w/cream-cheese and having friends for dinner. and i'm jealous of your time in paris...

    oh and yes, what lens did you get?

    p.s.: i like that your sp is a bit enigmatic.


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