18 March 2010

cafe besalu

hold on tight.
we are about to enter cafe besalu.
oh my, this place is amazing. have you ever been to france? you don't need to go (if you live in seattle). all the crunchy, buttery croissants, and yeasty, moist pastries, and rich quiches and delicious coffee are curled right up in this little bakery in ballard. besalu gets packed pretty much everyday, but working your way up to the front of the line is worth it, if even just to stare into their pastry case. you may or may not get a seat, but if you do you will have time to watch bakers weighing out large amounts of flour in their open bakery. at besalu, i can take a bite of pastry, close my eyes and pretend i'm back in france.


  1. hello friend! looks great there, adding to my list.

  2. sounds amazing! we should have a little seattle blogger meet-up sometime with the others in seattle and go somewhere like this!

  3. Besalu is my FAVORITE! I love your shot of the pastry counter.

  4. sweet place, sweet photos. i'm going to have to stop by next time i'm in seattle for sure.

  5. always wanted to go to besalu, but its less than a block away from the place that i learned to love coffee in, and still ranks as one of my fav. coffee shops in the city. plus besalu's only open ~1/2 the week, right?

  6. sounds magical. i cannot wait to visit all these cafes someday soon!

  7. Yes! <3 Besalu! Have you been to Honore? It ranks up there with Besalu plus they have macarons!

  8. I forgot to tell you how much I enjoy the photos in this post. Especially the fourth. ( the bubbles in the coffee make it)

  9. boo hoo!
    seattle is
    as far away.
    looks lovely.
    maybe we
    can have
    a café crème
    some day soon.

  10. amazing place. I alwys like those vitrines.


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