08 March 2010

over the years

yesterday i threw a smashing party celebrating my dad's 65th birthday. i made a spread of really classic deli style food: sliced corned beef, pastrami, roasted turkey, rye bread, bagels, pickles, cucumber salad, cheeses, chips and cookies. we gathered photos from his years and displayed them all together. it was really something special.

i like thinking about photographs as archiving a life; what we choose to document, what we remember because of this form of self reflection. i also like the way that, in some respects, a life archives the development of photography, from black and white, to polaroids, to very faded color, all sort of sizes and shapes, rounded corners, yellow tinges, digital on printer paper, scans.

speaking of the development of photography, that photo up there was taken with my trusty polaroid sun 660, dusted off from 12 years of hiding in a closet and loaded up with resourcefully snagged 600 film. clicking the shutter was so natural, it all came flooding back to me. if you are ever curious about what camera i'm using or what type of film, keep on checking my flickr stream. i usually tag my photos with all that info. also, i heart flickr.


  1. Anna,
    could you tell where did you find the film?
    I am trying to buy some, but the places that have them run out of film for 600, or just price too much for shipping to Buenos Aires (rates that I know -because I usually receive mail from the US- that are not realistic, and of course that I can not afford).
    Do you know any online shop that you could recommend to me?
    Thanks! (I can't wait to get my hands on the shutter soon too!)

  2. oh happy birthday to your papa!

  3. thanks for the party, anna. it was perfect.
    and going through all those old photos was a lot of fun.
    love you, dad


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