25 March 2010


hi! i've been a little silent this week. sorry about that. i will say, though, that my spring post was very refreshing. i love making wishes from time to time.

i have a lot of housekeeping notes that i want to catch up on. scissors fit well with housekeeping, right? either way i love this photo. i love these scissors that hang for sale in lucca great finds. i think i have to get myself a pair.

okay, here we go:

i added my cafe project as a tab in the sidebar, so they can all collect there together. also, i'd love it if you joined my cafe flickr group. there are some great images up already.
i got a new lens! it's been really great to play with. it is a 28-80, so i have a nice comfortable range of wide and zoom. also, it has a macro setting which is fun to play with. photos from those experiments soon.
i wanted to give a special mention to two links in my 'current inspiration' list. one is jen of sophik's post from jan 28th. go look at it, the images and the words all paired together--oh! i can't get enough of it. the other is read roll show, a new venture by the former marketing director of powell's books, dave weich. dave is a smart, creative guy with an amazing interview style. he interviewed over 200 authors at powell's and now he is melding his video inclinations with his interview skills in read roll show. this site is just starting up and i can't wait to see how it develops.
also, about my current inspiration links: i am trying to change and rearrange these frequently. i felt like a huge long list of my friends and favorite bloggers was overwhelming, but i also don't want to put up a few links and never change them. so i hope to give special mention to things that touch me and continue to look for things that touch me. thanks for understanding that i can't keep every link on here.
i am gathering my photos to hang at the fremont book co. for the month of april. woot! more on that, i hope...
there are a few new prints in my shop. sorry for the lack of change recently. suggestions always welcome.

okay! housekeeping over. thanks for sitting through that.


  1. it's an excellent idea to document 'the best kind of cafes' :)
    there are some really lovely images in the group.

  2. i love lucca.
    we don't have
    cool stores
    like that in
    what's with that?!
    maybe i can
    get some
    from you
    about how
    to sell prints.
    don't know
    where to start.

  3. I also love that scissors photo. And congrats on having your prints up at Fremont Book Co! I will have to go by and check them out!

  4. thank you, anna! So happy to inspire you as you inspire me. And congratulations on showcasing your prints at Fremont Book Co. Wish I could stop by to take a peek. xoxo

  5. Thanks for the shout-out, Anna! Hope you like what's to come on ReadRollShow. Sam Lipsyte will be here tomorrow for an interview. Should be fun. His new book, The Ask, is probably my favorite of his three novels.

  6. it's been a crazy week over here too! it's nice to come back to see what you're up to!


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