03 March 2010

assemble gallery and studio

one day i went to pick up some photos i had printed from moonphoto lab and decided to take a little walk and get some coffee. on my way to coffee i ran into this cute little shop that i've never seen before. the ladies in there were nice enough to tell me all about who they are and let me take pictures of their awesome space.
assemble gallery and studio is a new venture by andie wurster and emily grosse, it is located on phinney ridge and functions as a storefront for some top notch hand crafted goods, a workshop space for frequent crafting classes, and a gallery for artists. i swear, every little item in there i wanted to buy. they have such an eye for what is cute and hip and beautiful right now. i hope to go back with more time, more money and better film. maybe i'll even learn how to sew in one of their workshops.

p.s. thank you thank you for adding your march lists to my last post, they were really great! and i couldn't help but feel like i have a little community when i saw all those great lists rolling in.


  1. oh what a great little place!!!

  2. wow.
    on my list
    to visit
    the next time
    i am home
    in seattle!

  3. I love this place...just a few blocks from where I live! That polar bear is the best thing. I wonder if he has a name.

  4. My friend Karl made that artwork! (see his website at partybots.org)
    The polar bear is named Mr. Stemke :)

  5. This shop looks like my living room in its current state!

  6. The feel of this place is amazing - especially the felt scissors!

  7. Wow, I love the scissors! I kind of want to make some for my windows, just because!


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