13 January 2010

remnants of the holidays

is it weird that i'm posting holiday pictures in january? hmm, i seem to have had this problem before, where i get a back log of film and time rearranges itself. oh well, i can't not share this pretty eucalyptus wreath and fun packaging. the first present photo is my wrapping. i bought 3 yards of blue-gray kraft paper and red tissue paper, then i used my stamp set to stamp out names and added some cute letterpress cards i got at the urban craft fair. wrapping is so fun!

i don't mind taking a moment to look back. it feels nice.
oh, and by the way, i did end up succeeding in my goal to  buy all of my gifts from a local business and/or handmade! i am very pleased with how it made me think about my shopping decisions and i am happy with who i gave my money to. success!


  1. It is nice taking a quiet moment to look pack on a time that is so full of activities. Nice photos!xo

  2. Pretty wreath photos! I really like the light hitting the wall.

  3. BRAVO on reaching your goal! It was a good one.

  4. I'm in the same boat and plan to post holiday pictures throughout January -and possible some of February too ;-) Oh, the joy of film photography; you get to relive everything twice!!


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