07 January 2010

6. alexandria

 (photos courtesy of alexandria)

fellow seattle-ite and bookseller, i fell in love with alexandria's blog, little postcards, at first site. i mean, she has a huge list of links entitled bibliophilia hapiness! what isn't there to love? well, her lovely polaroids don't hurt either. and neither does her weekly book and music recommendations. alexandria and i shared a lovely meal together in september and i got to see her awesome polaroid snapping in action. i can't wait to share many more meals. thanks for you thoughts, alexandria!

what are you looking forward to, both personally and creatively, in the coming year? 

"This year I'm excited for:

~taking film photographs
~writing book reviews
~cooking new recipes to share
~spending time with people I love
~riding my bicycle
~volunteer work
~sewing a quilt
~writing classes
~sending letters in the mail
~embracing the unexpected"

more alexandria: blog


  1. Anna, thank you for including me. I love this idea you're sharing!

  2. i might steal that "embracing the unexpected" idea. good one!

  3. alexandria has such a way with polaroid, i really admire her vision.

    and what a good list. feels this time like i stumbled into the new year and haven't really drawn up a list myself.

  4. i adore alexandria! i stumbled on to her sweet blog, and it felt like home.
    and her book choices~ so lovely.
    ; )

  5. what a lovely list! You sound so special! Have a wonderful 2010! Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  6. that sounds like a wonderful list


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