07 January 2010

5. shari altman

 (photos courtesy of marthasnail)

shari altman has a beautiful way with her camera. it seems like she can capture any little bit of the world--whether it is nature or food or the view from a car window--and turn it into a simple and poignant poem. her photography, to me, is like a breathe of fresh air, a meditation. shari also co-curates an online journal, this joy + ride, where a new artist is featured monthly with seasonal questions. thanks so much for your thoughts, shari!

what are you looking forward to, both personally and creatively, in the coming year?

 "i'm looking forward to an extended visit with my family in just a few weeks. one of my hopes for 2010 is that it will include more travel and time with friends and family. i also have a personal photography project i'm working on called winter from the passenger seat and several collaborations as well. 2010 will be the year i take a running leap and see what happens creatively. i'm hoping for a year of experimentation, improvisation and just plain fun."

more shari:  blog, flickr, this joy + ride, winter from the passenger seat


  1. Oh.... I love her photos!
    All this snow and this light...

  2. loving this series... thank you fro gathering these thoughts and photos..

  3. Yes, here's to taking a running leap!

  4. her photos are so full of poetry.

    seeing what 2010 holds in store creatively - something that's on my list too...

  5. thank you anna and everyone for your kind comments.

  6. great photos and thoughts, i'm enjoying this series of photographers

  7. shari's work is always so inspiring.


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