04 December 2009

winter thoughts

thank you all for sharing your december lists, i loved reading them! there has been a lot of inspiring finds around this online corner of the world. tifanie posted a beautiful maira kalman article, back to the land, that made me a little teary and very very happy. i love the cicero quote "if you have a garden, and a library, you have everything you need."

and gwen bell's 2009 challenge has been popping up all over as a wonderful way to look back on the year, reflecting on and remembering all the good moments 2009 brought. for now, i am accepting her challenge in my private journal, but i may share a few here and there in this space. i'm looking forward to thinking about the best new food i tried in 2009 and the best car ride i took.

this weekend i'm going to the urban craft uprising to look for some cute handcrafted gifts and scope out the scene. i've always loved craft fairs. i'm looking forward to browsing paula deer's booth and sprout studio.

have a great weekend!


  1. It's always good to do a little reflection time indeed. I love your branches photograph.

  2. I'll definitely check out the article!

    Have fun at urban craft uprising - I'd go, but my husband is on call and I don't feel like fighting the crowds with my kiddos, solo.


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