06 December 2009

holiday goals

how was your weekend? i had a great time; a mixture of fun shopping and socializing with quite reflection and down time. jon and i took lots of walks in the winter cold. it feels good to walk where you need to go and let the movement warm you up, against the icy air. i went to a friend's craft sale and smelled all of her amazing soaps and i went to the urban craft uprising, packed with people buying and selling and loving handmade goodies. i've crossed quite a few people off my gift list. my goal is to be organized and calm--and to not stress out.

my other goal is to buy all my gifts either handmade or from local businesses. so far, i'm doing an excellent job. i've gotten a lot of handmade items from cyber monday and the craft fairs this weekend. tomorrow i'm going to gather my book gifts at work and next weekend, i'm going to wander around ballard to browse all the unique stores. finally, i'm looking forward to finding a few fair-trade treasures here.

today, i'm dreaming of all the candy i could make for little holiday packages. peppermint bark and toffee and salted caramels and chocolate truffles rolled in hazelnuts. i wont get to them all, but i can still dream.


  1. Hi - You have great pictures. Do you take all of them with Pentax K1000?

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  3. Lovely calm picture!
    I try to do the same thing either handmade by me -or someone else :-)

  4. Very neat goals! It's fun to see all the ideas of what everyone is baking for treats. Caramels and peppermint bark...perfect combo!

  5. Great goals! I'm happy about the number of purchases I've made from local businesses and the number of handmade items I've bought, though it isn't close to 100 percent. And I love your thought about dreaming about the candy you 'could' make :)


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