14 October 2009


now here's a motto i can live by,

We believe in paper.
We believe in film.
We believe in the tangible.
We believe in the design of the voyage.
We believe in the world-altering power that is art.
We believe in the alchemy of the photograph.
We believe the image is as potent as the words.
We believe the right book can change someone's life.


 --from the new jenifer altman project: fireyed books.


a couple of other inspiring things lately:
monday we hosted tracy kidder, who was so humble and sweet and well spoken. for a man who writes about world aid and health care, he said his hope is to tell stories and create art through his stories. wow.

yesterday, i introduced sarah vowell. she is really smart. and witty. here is her recent appearance on the daily show. i loved her.


  1. You hosted Tracy Kidder at work or at your house? I really love everything of his I've read - Mountains Beyond Mountains, House, etc etc. Such a brilliant writer. Lucky you!

    Absolutely the right book can change someone's life.

  2. Those words are music to my ears!!


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